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OnePlus 6T USB Driver latest version is now available for download. In this guide, you can download OnePlus Driver for OnePlus 6T. You can use this latest OnePlus USB Drivers to seamlessly connect your OnePlus 6T with your Windows computer.


USB Drivers for mobile phones are of very important if you are looking for an efficient and error-free way for connecting your Android device with your computer. If you are using a Windows-based computer, then you definitely need the right USB Drivers for your OnePlus 6T to communicate properly with it. We can in no way deny the fact that Android has come a long way in terms of hardware and software features but still we cannot simply deny the fact that they are still a long way to go for replacing Personal Computers completely (at least for Power Users). While some may argue that their smartphone is completely enough for them. Yes, for the most part, we can completely rely on our smartphones. But, from time to time, we may need to connect our Android device with our computers for a variety of reasons such as copying media files from PC to phone or to backup photos to PC and such. Whatever the situation is, USB Driver is an important aspect to a proper and error-free connection between Android and Windows.

OnePlus 6T OnePlus USB Drivers for Windows

OnePlus has done a great job when it comes to connecting their Android devices with a computer; they have made the process seamless. And OnePlus 6T is no exception for it. All you need is the right version of the OnePlus Driver for OnePlus 6T. That is the reason why, in this article, we are bringing you the latest OnePlus 6T USB Drivers.

USB Drivers may not seems like a big deal, in the beginning, if you connecting your OnePlus 6T with your computer. If you are using a Mac-based computer or a computer running Linux, then you may not face as many problems when you are connecting your OnePlus 6T. But, if you are using a Windows-based computer, then it is an entirely different store altogether. Windows operating system needs the right USB Drivers when you are connecting any sort of hardware with it. Be it a mouse, keyboard or even a hard disk drive – you need the right drivers to make it work. And when you are connecting your OnePlus smartphone with your Windows PC, then you always need to have the latest version of OnePlus 6T USB Driver installed on it for proper and smooth functioning. If you have already installed an older version or an incompatible version of the OnePlus Driver, then your experience may not be as smooth as it should be.

There are several scenarios where you might need to connect your OnePlus 6T with your computer.

  1. For transferring photos and videos from device to PC to free up device space.
  2. To copy media on to your OnePlus 6T.
  3. Flash stock firmware on your OnePlus 6T.
  4. Update to the latest version of Android.

And the list goes on. The extent to which we depend on our computers when it comes to our smartphones is astonishing!

Download OnePlus 6T USB Drivers

For Device: OnePlus 6T
File Size: 12 MB
Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/10 | 32-Bit and 64-Bit
How to Install: Installation Instructions


  • Latest Version: If you are looking for the latest version of the OnePlus USB Driver, kindly visit this link: Latest OnePlus USB Driver
  • How to Install: If you want help with the installation of the OnePlus USB Drivers, you can read our detailed step by step guide here: How to Install OnePlus USB Driver
  • Compatibility: Please be noted that this OnePlus USB Driver software is only for computers and laptops running the Windows Operating system. Other Operating Systems are not supported at the moment.

OnePlus 6TUSB Driver – Frequently Asked Questions

What is OnePlus USB Drivers for OnePlus devices?

USB Driver for Mobile Phones, in general, is a program or utility which allows the users to effectively connect their mobile devices to their computers. In this case, we are dealing with OnePlus mobile devices. Another use case is that the USB Drivers help app developers to test their apps by putting their apps on a mobile device. All the app developers create their mobile app using a desktop computer such as a Windows PC or a Mac and it is hard to completely test the software without actually putting it on a mobile device. OnePlus USB Drivers for OnePlus smartphones makes this possible for OnePlus smartphones running Android.

For which platforms are OnePlus 6T USB Drivers for Mobile Phones available for?

The OnePlus USB Driver for OnePlus 6T is available for all Windows Operating systems ranging from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10. Both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures are supported. Unfortunately, it is not available for the desktops or laptops running Mac OS X or macOS.

Is OnePlus 6T OnePlus USB Driver for Mobile Phones free?

Yes. The OnePlus 6T USB Driver is offered by OnePlus officially and you need have to pay anything to use it on your computers. There is no upfront payment or in-app payments to remove advertisements or unlock additional features. There isn’t any form of advertisement in the program either. It’s clean and free.

Is OnePlus 6T USB Driver for Mobile Phones safe?

Yes. The official OnePlus 6T OnePlus USB Driver is 100% safe for your computer or laptop and your mobile devices as well. There are no forms of any malicious code in the program and it appropriate for users of all ages.

How often is the OnePlus USB Driver for OnePlus 6T updated?

There is no fixed schedule or timeline in which OnePlus updates the USB Drivers. Updates are pushed out to iron out any bugs and improve performance as and when needed. All the updates come directly from OnePlus.

How do I install OnePlus 6T OnePlus USB Driver on Windows?

You can install OnePlus USB Driver for Mobile Phones by downloading the .exe file and installing it on your computer. It is as simple as installing any standard Windows application or program. You can follow the simple steps mentioned here: How to Install OnePlus USB Driver

What devices does OnePlus 6T OnePlus USB Driver work with?

The OnePlus USB Drivers for OnePlus 6T is designed specifically for all OnePlus phones running Google’s Android operating system. All the OnePlus smartphones are fully supported by this USB Driver. Other devices are not supported.

Does OnePlus 6T USB Driver for Mobile Phones require an internet connection to use?

No. OnePlus 6T USB Drivers for Mobile Phones does not require an active internet connection in order to be used on your computer/laptop. OnePlus smartphones are connected to the PC via a USB cable, so there is no need for a wifi or Bluetooth connection either.

Can I view the contents on my OnePlus 6T with OnePlus USB Driver?

No. OnePlus USB Driver only provides the necessary system files which enable your OnePlus phone to effectively communicate with your computer. You cannot view your phone’s contents with OnePlus USB Driver for Mobile Phones. In order for consumers to view what’s on their phones and manage the same, we recommend a program called OnePlus Kies which is also available for Windows.

Does OnePlus 6T USB Driver work with both mobile and desktop devices?

The OnePlus 6T OnePlus USB Driver software is designed to be installed on a Windows computer or laptop to enable smooth communication between a OnePlus Phone and a Windows computer. You would need a OnePlus device to use it with your computer.

You can download the latest version of the OnePlus USB Drivers by visiting the below link:

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    Who are you to try to forece me to use a PC to connect my One+ phone.
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    So backwards thinking now to make drivers for Mac. Thats stoneage thinking!


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